Math-free Mindreading!


I sensed (well, OK, I checked the blogstats) that the recent Math Magic posts on Mindreading were getting a lot of hits.   So for fun, here* is another mind-reading site.  In this one you are shown some cards, you pick one, and the computer uses amazing powers (mind-reading and/or listening skills) to determine which card you picked and remove it from the selection.  There’s no actual math in this one, although searching for it did reveal even more sites that do combine math and mind-reading, so there’s plenty of fodder for future entries on this topic!

* This site seems to have a lot of advertising on it, though I know I’ve seen less commercial sites with the same trick.


2 Responses to “Math-free Mindreading!”

  1. raghav Says:

    On the second page he doesn’t show ANY cards from the original selection. So basically any card you chose on page 1 will never be there on page 2.

  2. Ξ Says:

    Indeed! And once you notice that you can’t be fooled again, but I’ll admit it took me a little while to realize that (one of those “It’s obvious once you know it” moments.)

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