Möbius Fashion


mobius.jpgAre you looking to make a mathematical statement, in additional to being fashionable? Fortunately, a number of clothing items and accessories have been made using the Möbius Strip (a one-sided one-edged figure that looks like a loop with a half-twist).

You might start with the Möbius dress by My Studio (under concept clothing).

Add some Möbius shoes by United Nude. (The twist is a little hard to see in those photos; you can see it a little better, in shiny gold, here.)

Then put on your Möbius jewelry* by Möbius Products and Services. Presumably, if you’re wanting to show your commitment to someone, you are already wearing your Möbius wedding ring by Ka Gold Jewelry.

If you prefer jewelry that’s a little less delicate, you might instead try a chain mail necklace by Wren’s Crafty Corner, made from Möbius Balls. (You can see more chain mail here.)

If it’s cold you’ll need your knitted Möbius scarf. And if it’s really cold, you could top it off with a color coordinated Klein Bottle Hat by Acme Klein Bottle.

And, of course, you’ll need to put your stuff in a Möbius Strip purse: click here and scroll down halfway to see one modeled in a MAKE Technology Fashion Show, or here to see an example of a hand-knitted one in Hogwarts colors.

Voilá! You’re ready to go!

*Am I looking at this wrong, or does this jewelry really have three half-twists in it instead of one?

Update 12/6:  I do realize one is not completely dressed in Möbius Strips with this ensemble, but I was adhering to the British saying not to get one’s knickers in a twist.


4 Responses to “Möbius Fashion”

  1. Batman Says:

    You’re right, the Möbius jewelry has three half-twists.

  2. TwoPi Says:

    Is that a Calvin Klein Bottle you’re wearing?

  3. Batman Says:

    Is that a Calvin Klein Bottle you’re wearing?

    You’re in the wrong post! That belongs here.

  4. The Double Möbius Star of David « 360 Says:

    […] (I actually ran across this pattern on this jewelry site, which sells double Möbius stars in gold. Something to add to the collection of Möbius clothing!) […]

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