Club of the Year!?!


Let’s talk about math club… We are going to break away from tradition. This semester we are going to do what the people in the club would like to do. Do you want a say in this semester’s events?

If so…Post a comment with ideas. Then we will vote and the winning ideas will be the semester’s events!
Some ideas so far:

Naz math video contest

Naz problem solving contest. etc

Let us know what you think


Your Math Club Officers


12 Responses to “Club of the Year!?!”

  1. Ξ Says:

    Any video that came close to the Klein Four video would get a Thumbs Up from me!

  2. PlusC Says:

    Hear that guys?
    Heather is practically offering to give anyone that is in her class that wins the video contest an A…
    just kidding… but its worth a shot

  3. RMS Says:

    I really like the idea of the video contest, just a few ideas to expand on that: Make it a music video contest, where people can use the theme of current day or popular songs but must use some key words (math terms) that would be provided. The videos could then be posted on the blog and voted on. It’s basically an expansion on the idea of the math video.

  4. TheWizard Says:

    i like the music video contest with the current songs. maybe if we did it like a battle of the classes, like have the freshmen make one, and the sophs, and so on and have one winner

  5. infinity Says:

    If we needed funding for anything, I liked the idea last year of doing another raffle like the fall one, but entitled “March Madness” or something.

    We could do a math club talent show? Or get a spirit week thing together and perform in the talent show then. Not really sure :o)

  6. PlusC Says:

    I don’t know how many basketball fans we have, but we could do NCAA brackets for the tourney

  7. thewizardknowshisstuff Says:

    i agree with the wizard, battle of the classes. i’m thinking of some lyrics already.

  8. rockon Says:

    I am thinking it would be excellent to join up with Science club and have a dip-eating contest!!! How cool would that be??

  9. Danielle Snyder Says:

    Yeah I agree, the battle of the classes would be fun! we could also make teams for some of the research walks coming up like last year ex:Relay for life, it’s fun and is a good cause

  10. TheWizard Says:

    march 14……Pi(e) eating contest math dept vs any other dept

  11. MathEdu Says:

    Math club should have more evening meetings especially fall semesters when lots of students are student teaching or doing other internship type things.

  12. Zach Staz Says:

    I like the video idea. Or talent show. Taco Bell is my fav math club food by the way.

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