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raccems-sun.gifThere was a great resource posted yesterday at the the STEM Blog (Discussions in Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics Education): Are you an Edhead? This post directed people to the site Edheads.org, which features activities on investigating a car crash, performing surgeries, predicting the weather, and more. What impressed me when I visited the site was the level of detail in the activities: the car crash investigation walks visitors through the process of collecting data and applying it to mathematical equations, while the hip surgery gave more surgical steps than I would have expected, with optional photos as a bonus. Be warned: even in cartoon form, if you are squeamish about surgery then this isn’t the activity for you, although our seven-year-old declared it AWESOME! and I found it to be pretty cool myself. All of the activities come with teacher’s guides and grade level suggestions.

Thanks to the STEM Blog (a brand new blog — even newer than us!) for bringing this site to our attention.

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2 Responses to “EdHeads at the STEM Blog”

  1. TwoPi Says:

    Re: the hip surgery activity

    I appreciate your not mentioning how I fled from the room, screaming “No! Make it stop! It’s horrible!!!”

    Oh wait, … I … uh … D’OH!

  2. Ξ Says:

    Yup, people have different tolerances. Speaking of which, the seven-year-old has been begging me to return to the hip surgery activity. He also found the simple machines activity to be pretty cool.

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