Submit your articles for the next Carnival!



Edited 2/6 to add that the submission form appears to either be broken, or (more likely) our overzealous-uncontrollable spam filters are refusing to forward any submissions. Please put your contributions in the comments below, or send them directly to:
mkoetz1 (then the @ sign then)

The Carnival is coming! Yes, we’re hosting the 26th Carnival of Mathematics on February 8 (the day after e-day!) right here on 360.

To submit, you can fill out the form here, post a comment below, or send email to us at nlpfua1@oba.fevy (okay, that’s not the actual address, since no one wants any more spam, but as in the previous couple carnival posts you can figure out the actual address by “subtracting 1” from each letter — keep the number the same — and getting rid of the one extra letter at the end that should be obvious). Please put “Carnival” or something similar in the subject line for easy identification.

We’re looking forward to celebrating the completion of a full year of the Carnival!


2 Responses to “Submit your articles for the next Carnival!”

  1. Mike Says:


    The carnival submission form doesn’t like my blog much so I always have to make submissions via comments. I’d like to submit the following please

    “Music from Mathematical constants”

    It follows on from your recent post concerning musical Pi.

  2. Brent Says:

    Here’s my submission!

    Recounting the Rationals, part IV

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