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Carnival Submissions (Houston, we have a problem)

February 7, 2008

The 26th Carnival of Mathematics will appear here Friday or Saturday. We discovered yesterday that we were unable to receive anything sent via the official Carnival Submission form, so the only way we have to receive submissions is if you post them as a comment (here or in the earlier announcement) or if you email them to Batman at mkoetz1 (then the @ sign then) with “Carnival” or something similar in the title.

Our 100th Post!!!

February 7, 2008

french-silk-pie.jpgIt’s the 100th day of our blog and, not entirely coincidentally, our 100th post as well! Calls for a celebration, don’t you think? So here are some fun facts.

We started this blog within 24 hours of commenting, “It’s a good thing we don’t have a blog or we’d never get anything done.”

We initially looked at names involving blogarithm but they were all taken. Well, maybe not all, but enough that we didn’t feel nearly as original as with 360. (Of course, that was before we knew that CNN also had a blog named 360, so I think we’re not so much about uniqueness as existence. Ba dum.)

Our most popular post has been the math jokes post So, a horse walks into a bar….

Our favorite posts to write were:

The most common posts to come up under search engines are Is EZ-Pass used to catch speeders? (It seems like every day someone searches for a variation of “EZ-Pass and speeding”. Apparently this is a common concern.). The Friday Software Reviews and Math Mindreading also get hits regularly. Lately, too, these posts on polygons have been showing up when people search for “real life polygons” and “real life heptagons”.

Following Denise’s lead of Let’s Play Math! (and she herself was following the lead of others), searching for the following terms on Google gives our blog as the #1 hit:

  • “geogebra software review” gets this
  • “sudoku lotto” gets this
  • “jeopardy hyperbolic paraboloid” gets this
  • “fashion with mobius” gets this
  • “fabulous math” doesn’t link to us at all. But we wish it did.