Carnival Submissions (Houston, we have a problem)


The 26th Carnival of Mathematics will appear here Friday or Saturday. We discovered yesterday that we were unable to receive anything sent via the official Carnival Submission form, so the only way we have to receive submissions is if you post them as a comment (here or in the earlier announcement) or if you email them to Batman at mkoetz1 (then the @ sign then) with “Carnival” or something similar in the title.


3 Responses to “Carnival Submissions (Houston, we have a problem)”

  1. Denise Says:

    Oops! Almost forgot about this. The carnival submission form doesn’t work well anyway—it keeps losing entries. (Or else the other blog carnivals are blacklisting me?) Here are a couple of posts that might or might not be of interest. Feel free to use either, depending on how they fit into your carnival theme:

  2. Sol Lederman Says:


    Here’s my submission:


  3. Mark Dominus Says:

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