Today’s Weather


Here’s what yesterday’s Democrat and Chronicle predicted for today’s weather:


A high temperature and low temperature both of 41°? I realize that weather prediction is inexact, yet I can’t help but think that we’ll have at least some variation in our weather during the day. Sure enough, this morning’s paper contained an updated prediction:


The only sense I can make of this is if the high temperatures is only the high temperature for the daytime, and the low temperature is only the low temperature for the nighttime, as opposed to the high and low over a 24-hour period. Then this weather prediction might imply that temperatures were going to rise all day and then keep rising at night, hitting 44° at the juncture of day to night. Is this right? Is it really supposed to be this complicated? Am I just thinking about this way too much?

Update Monday 2/18: According to the newspaper, the actual high yesterday was in fact 44°, but the low was way down at 14°. Glancing at the detailed data from The Weather Underground, the low of 14° occurred around 4am and temperatures rose steadily after that, peaking at 50° at midnight.


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