Snow Sculptures



Interested in snow sculptures? The 18th Annual Budweiser Select International Snow Sculpture Championships was held in Breckenridge, Colorado at the end of January, and featured an impressive array of entrants. (Not, however, the thumbnail at the side; that’s the snow sculpture of Inuyama Castle in Japan. I couldn’t find any ISSC photos that were public domain.) Each team was given a 10’×10’×12′ block of packed snow and five days to carve it out.

Stan Wagon from Team Minnesota has participated in the event nine times: he describes the 2008 experience (starting with carvings in Styrofoam and townspeople stomping down snow — I’m reminded of that grape-stomping episode of I Love Lucy — and ending with the awards) here and links to earlier years here. There’s more of an overview of Team Minnesota in the MAA article Geometry in the Snow and in the following video 2008 International Snow Sculpture Championships – Team Minnesota from Richard Seeley on Vimeo.

And while we’re on the subject of snow sculptures, fans of Calvin and Hobbes might appreciate the following artwork from the 2006 Michigan Tech University Winter Carnival.



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