A “Paltry Geometric Dilemma”


One of the greatest “math” scenes in a movie appears in Better Off Dead, starring John Cusack. Watch his geometry teacher (Vincent Schiavelli) in action (transcript below).

The three cardinal trapezoidal formations hereto made orientable in our diagram by connecting the various points HIGK, PEGQ, and LMNO, creating our geometric configurations, which have no properties, but with location (Ohh!) are equal to the described triangle CAB quintuplicated. Therefore, it is also the five triangles composing the aforementioned NIGH – each are equal to the triangle CAB in this geometric concept! (laughter)

Therefore, in a like manner the geometric metaphors can derive a repeated vectoral sum. This was your assignment, and I would like to see the results.

My favorite line: “which have no properties.” Indeed.

2 Responses to “A “Paltry Geometric Dilemma””

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