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For problem-solving fun, see Monday Math Madness!

March 7, 2008

julia_set.jpgThere are still a few more days to submit solutions to the first ever Monday Math Madness! This biweekly contest is being jointly sponsored by Sol on Wild About Math! and Quan and Daniel of Blinkdagger. The first problem was posed last Monday, and since the winner (of a $10 Amazon gift certificate!) is chosen randomly from the submitted good solutions there’s still time for it to be you — solutions are due Sunday night.

For details and the premiere problem, visit Monday Math Madness is here!.


A Perfect Carnival!

March 7, 2008

clown.jpgThe 28th Carnival is here! This edition is hosted by Tyler and Foxy’s Scientific and Mathematical Adventure Land and, as they point out, it’s the last time that the Carnival will be a perfect edition until #496.

Tyler and Foxy’s Scientific and Mathematical Adventure Land covers Math, Computer Science, Other Sciences, Religion, Politics, and all sorts of other things. Their post on how many characters are in the nth row of Pascal’s Triangle is something I’m sorely tempted to give to my own students to explore. The bloggers each have individual blog as well (Tyler at Powerup and Foxy at FoxMaths! 2.0), so there’s lots of neat stuff to look at in addition to the Carnival.