Math Card Tricks: More Counting Cards



Looking for another card trick? This one only requires simple counting and moving cards around but it’s mostly done behind your back so it’s a little tricky (as it were).

Start with a Volunteer From The Audience. Tell The Volunteer to think of a number n from 1-15, and then, while your back is turned, to count down that many cards from the top of the face-down deck and memorize the nth card. For example, if The Volunteer thinks of the number 3, then the card to be memorized is the 3rd card from the top. The cards should remain in the same order — The Volunteer can look at the card, but doesn’t move anything around.

Meanwhile, your back is still turned. Reach out behind your back to take the still-face-down deck once the chosen card has been memorized. Turn around to face The Volunteer (with the deck still behind your back) and pratter on or say that you’re going to use The Force to try and feel which card was chosen. Meanwhile, count off 15 cards from the top of the deck and move them to the bottom. Be careful not to reverse the order of the cards.

Now put the deck in front of you and appear dismayed that you couldn’t determine which card had been memorized. Tell The Volunteer that you’re going to shuffle the top of the deck a bit to move their card around, and do so (being careful to leave the 15 cards at the bottom undisturbed). Tell The Volunteer to count off n cards from the top (where n was the number they initially thought of, like 3) and put them on the bottom of the deck. Turn your back while this is done. The Volunteer is welcome to look at the cards to make sure that their chosen card isn’t among them. (Because you’ve shuffled the top of the deck, it shouldn’t be surprising that it’s not.)

Once this is done, reach behind your back and take the deck (still face down). Turn around to face The Volunteer, and say again that you’re going to try and pick the memorized card by feel. With the deck still behind your back, count off 15 cards from the bottom of the deck and put them on top. Then select the card that is now at the bottom of the deck and show it to The Volunteer, who will be amazed that you picked the memorized card!

Note: This trick could also be done by picking a number from 1 to 10 (or whatever), and then moving that number of cards up and down accordingly.

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