Follow up to Song Charts


music.jpgRemember TwoPi’s post on Song Charts — charts or graphs used to illustrate the title of a song (or sometimes its lyrics)? Wishing there were more? It’s your lucky day!

Mr. Fantasy created some and posted them here.

Samjshah posted about them, and pointed out the similarity to the blog indexed.

The flikr pool is growing rapidly — yeah, there are a few more I recognize!

And finally, in the Comments of the original post Ken Knowles pointed out a whole article in the Village Voice using math charts to analyze the song “This is Why I’m Hot” by Mims. It’s a fabulous read. And if, like me, you’re Hopelessly Out Of Touch with most kinds of music, here’s a 4-minute video to accompany the article:

Only have 2-minutes? Then look at this version instead.

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