Musical Pi, Part 3


Finally, the last four tracks in the suite of π-based music, composed by Jon Turner. (See also part 1 and part 2.)

8. Quest 4 Pi 2
MM=288 175mm 2:26
The first part is the same as 1; after the central cadence on C, the harmony no longer changes, and this forms a coda. The guitar continues to shred the rhythm over the final C7sus harmony.
9. Circle of the Great Spirit 2
MM=72 94mm 4/4 5:13
19 digits of π, theme of 1, in 4/4 with variations:
Introduction: 457/0.
Theme: 31848/9 0/5 949/1 3B/6 9186/2 64/1 -4/0 5/0 7/0.
Variation 1: each duration is divided into two half-length durations.
(Variation 2: is track 1 above, CGS1, in triple meter, 3/4.)
Variation 3: durations are divided into 4, creating a rhythmic crescendo typical of classical variations.
Theme: closing anthem.
Coda: 457/0 eight times.

Bonus track(s):

10. Arc Tango X
MM=170 784mm 4/4 18:06
Same as 2, but continues way beyond 160 to 768.
Long jam already, in flux, could go way beyond…
11. Quest 4 Pi complete
MM=288 341mm 4:44
Finished on FZ birthday 07!
1 and 2 continuous.

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