7 things about me you’d not likely guess


eeafghansmall.jpgI’ve been memed! Sol on Wild About Math! tagged me last week to list 7 things about myself that you be unlikely to guess. Hmmmmm, what can I share that you might not know….

1. I grew up in California, and the first time I rode on a plane was when I was 15 years old, and my family decided to move to England for the year. Which was very cool. And very cold. And I swore I’d never leave California again.

2. That was a promise I promptly broke when I decided to go to college in Minnesota. I’d never actually been to Minnesota before (the closest I’d come was a trip to Texas during my senior year), and the reason I applied at all was because my mom had a t-shirt that said Carleton on it. She told me it was the name of an old boyfriend, and eventually confessed that it was a school. And that happened to stick in my mind when I was applying to colleges so I applied there. And then, to the horror of my grandmother who wanted me to stay out west, decided that it sounded like a good school to go to. My grandmother ever-after referred to the t-shirt that started it as “that **** shirt”.

3. While in college I majored in math. I bet that’s not surprising, but you might not know that I also did a concentration in medieval studies.

4. Walter Rudin crashed my wedding. TwoPi and I got married in a park in Madison, not far from the Rudins’ house. Walter was walking by the park to mail a letter and, recognizing a gathering of math folk, came by to see what was going on.

5. I like to knit. I’m not good at designing sweaters but I really like learning new stitches. The most complicated thing I ever made was this afghan:


It was a wedding present for my friends Emily and Elizabeth and took me two years to finish because I’m a slooooooooow knitter.

6. My favorite not-primarily-math blogs are Puntabulous, i am bossy, The New Girl, Joy Unexpected, and Confessions of a Pioneer Woman.

7. And Go Fug Yourself, which is especially ironic because if I were rich and famous they could post about me every single day. The winds of fashion blow nowhere near my house.

So that’s way too much about me. And I’m only going to tag three people (because I know how these exponential functions work):

  • Batman, right here on 360
  • mathmom, on Ramblings of a Math Mom
  • you, if you think this would be a fun thing to post about yourself


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