The Spring Newsletter is here!


We’ve just posted the Spring 2008 issue of Our Newsletter (the seasonal newsletter of the Nazareth College Math Department).   This issue is named The Rudin in honor of Mary Ellen Rudin, according to our tradition of naming each issue after a mathematician (which would have been a great idea to come up with from the start, but in fact only evolved three issues in when we STILL didn’t have any ideas for a Newsletter name).  The lead articles on Extracting Square Roots and Cube Roots come straight from TwoPi’s posts here; other articles are about conferences and competitions our students were in, Alumni News, Toilet Seat Gymnastic (which was in fact our second post ever here, although the article is a little longer than the blog entry), Math Club news, and Problems.  And if any of you submit solutions to problems, we promise to post your name for laud and admiration in the next issue!

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