Decagon Mug


TwoPi and I went out for lunch to the Cheesecake Factory the other day, and noticed partway through that the mugs were regular decagons! So he snuck a photo while pretending to check text messages.

Is it hard to see? Here’s the outline on top:

Cool, isn’t it? I’m not sure what the most common shape would be, especially since our own glasses are all circles (though I noticed our department chair has octagon glasses). If anyone else has any neat polygonal glasses, send me a photo* and I’ll post them here. I love finding real life polygons!

* hlewis5 following by the @ sign and then after that @ sign put


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2 Responses to “Decagon Mug”

  1. More glass polygons « 360 Says:

    […] join the decagon mug in the polygonal kitchenware Hall of […]

  2. Ashby Says:

    cool hellped me w/ my math project

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