Monday Math Madness Still Going Strong!


Monday Math Madness #9 is over at Wild About Math this week — solutions are due this coming Monday night/Tuesday morning at midnight. This week’s puzzle is the following:

Consider all of the 6-digit numbers that one can construct using each of the digits between 1 and 6 inclusively exactly one time each. 123456 is such a number as is 346125. 112345 is not such a number since 1 is repeated and 6 is not used.

How many of these 6-digit numbers are divisible by 8?

While you may use a computer program to verify your answer, show how to solve the problem without use of a computer.

You can find directions for submitting the solution at MMM #9. Problems are posted every other Monday either by Sol on Wild About Math or by Quan and Daniel at Blinkdagger; solutions are due a week later, and a winner is announced the following Friday. The problems have been fun to play around with, and isn’t that the point after all? (And as a bonus, they offer free prizes to the winners!)


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