Mathematicians of the week: Eduard Cech and Witold Hurewicz


June 29 is the birthday of two topologists:  Eduard Cech [born in 1893] and Witold Hurewicz [born in 1904].  Curiously, in addition to sharing a birthday, they also share credit for the independent discovery of higher homotopy groups, a subject which Cech had spoken on at the 1932 ICM, and which Hurewicz  developed independently in the mid 1930s.


Mathematicians with birthdays or death anniversaries during the week of June 29 through July 5:

June 29: Birthdays of Eduard Cech [1893] (algebraic topology; Stone-Cech compactification) and Witold Hurewicz [1904] (higher homotopy groups)

June 30: Death of WIlliam Oughtred [1660] (slide rule)

July 1: Birthday of Gottfried Leibniz [1646]

July 2:  Birthday of William Burnside [1852] (abstract groups); death of Bartholomeo Pitiscus [1613] (coined term “trigonometry”) and Thomas Harriot [1621] (solutions of equations)

July 3: Death of William Jones [1749] (introduced symbol π)

July 4: Deaths of Guido Grandi [1742], Peter Tait [1901], Oscar Zariski [1986], and Marshall Hall [1990]

July 5: Deaths of René Baire [1932] and Oskar Bolza [1942]

Source: MacTutor

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