Math and Art: Woolly Thoughts


My chair recently forwarded an email from a former department member who’d found a really neat mathematical knitting/crocheting site: Woolly Thoughts by Pat Ashforth and Steve Plummer. They have a slew of designs with a mathematical bent. Here are a few of the examples.

The walls of Troy:

The Curve of Pursuit:

and Penrose:

More afghans can be found here (click on each afghan for a brief mathematical explanation), and more about the mathematical inspiration can be found here. There’s also more on the site about how they were constructed, since some were made as several small pieces and joined and others were created as a whole from the start (I thought I’d be able to tell from the pictures which was which, but I was surprised by a few!)

Pat Ashforth also mentioned (by email) that there is a yahoo group with a mixture of math/science people and knitters at, and a Ravelry group (only available to Ravelry members at the moment), called Woolly Thoughts Fans

All photos are posted with permission (thanks!)

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One Response to “Math and Art: Woolly Thoughts”

  1. Michael Swart Says:

    That tiling pattern is not a Penrose tiling pattern. It looks similar though.

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