Nonagon: The Video


They Might Be Giants has been doing videos and podcasts for kids. One of their recent releases (from earlier this year) is a video all about one of our favorite polygons: the nonagon! Several other polygons make guest appearances as well.

You can see the video below. The first minute or so is introduction, followed by the nonagon song, one about the letter O, and then a good-bye (5:32 total).

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3 Responses to “Nonagon: The Video”

  1. Maria H. Andersen Says:

    Thanks for this … cute! I found a version of the video that is only the song (without the first minute of introduction), which I will be posting on TCM in the morning.

    Here’s the link to the song only.

  2. Ξ Says:

    Thanks for the shorter video Maria!

  3. TMBG Polygon Song Says:

    […] saw this posted over at 36o and I thought it would be a really clever addition to the geometry section in Math for Elementary […]

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