The Summer Newsletter is Here!


The Summer Newsletter of the Nazareth College Math Department is up! Okay, so it’s appearing at the end of summer, but that’s the beauty of having no actual deadline: if you’ve decided to spend your summer having a cutie pie baby boy join your family (like Batman) or traveling and seeing how long you can go without mowing the lawn (like TwoPi and myself), August is still technically summer so you’re good.

We normally name each issue after a different mathematician, but this issue is named The Godziller after our good friend Godzilla, who shows up here from time to time. And because we’re nothing if not lazy efficient, several of the articles are “gently used” blog posts from the past couple months. But there’s lots of local news about our students, and the last page has a neat Sudoku Puzzle and some math problems (of varying difficulty) to work on which, if you solve them, will lead to fame and fortune. Or at least a hearty Congratulations and link in the next newsletter.


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