Spirals Galore!


Looking for some spirals to illustrate a lesson or inspire some artwork? One way is browse other sites for spirals, which might get you some cool images like these curls from Craig Jewell (CraigPJ)

or this spiral stone in Guimarães, Portugal by Miguel Saavedra (saavem)

or this fern bud by Michal Filip Gmerek (epidemya)

or even this cool pit in Peru (which is really neat but also a little freaky — is that a hole at the bottom?) by Caetano Lacerda (cmpt)

or these marble stairs in Greece by Andrew Steinle (andrewcs)

or even this snail by djeyewater.

OR, if you want to see bunches and bunches of spirals on a single page, you could just head over to the Spiral Gallery, which has 150 thumbnails on a single page of spirals like the ones above. (And links to a Spiral Gift shop, which is kind of funny in and of itself since it has curling spray, a spiral plant, and spiral guidebooks. Strange combination.)

Thanks to Eve for sending along this link and inspiring this post!



One Response to “Spirals Galore!”

  1. Andrew Steinle Says:

    Hey, waddya know! Awesome that you used my picture. The blog’s looking good, keep it up!

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