Carnival News


Two bits of news on the Carnival of Mathematics:

Carnival #40 will be hosted at Staring at Empty Pages. (It’s not up yet, but we’ll link to it once it’s been posted. Carnival #40 will appear on Friday, September 26)

Carnival #41 will be hosted by….us! We’ll be posting in two three weeks (Friday, October 3 10). You can submit via Comments here, through the official BlogCarnival link, or by sending an email. (The last part is and before the @ you can type either “mkoetz1” or “hlewis5”. Put something like “Carnival” in the title so that nothing gets lost.) Please spread the word!



One Response to “Carnival News”

  1. Barry Leiba Says:

    Since the posts queued up in the system were late getting to me (I didn’t get them until the weekend, after Friday), I intend to post carnival #40 on this Friday, 26 Sept. Maybe we should go back to the two-week interval after that, and you should post #41 on 10 Oct? Let’s see what Alon wants to do.

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