The XL Carnival of Mathematics


The long-awaited 40th Carnival of Mathematics has arrived, courtesy of Barry Leiba over at the blog Staring at Empty Pages. When I was looking over the blog earlier this week I thought, “Hey, I’m going to link to his series on Paradoxes, because I like the explanation and examples of the different kinds of paradoxes, but then it turned out that the series appeared in Carnival #40 anyway. And so did a description of Euclid’s Elements that has a directed graph showing what is needed to prove what (which I’ll certainly be showing to my Geometry students in the spring!) and plenty of other neat posts. So go check it out!

While we’re on the subject of Carnivals, the next Carnival is being hosted right here on Friday, October 10. You can submit via a link in the comments, through the official BlogCarnival link, or by sending an email. (To send an email: the last part is and before the @ you can type either “mkoetz1” or “hlewis5”. Put something like “Carnival” in the title for easy identification.)


One Response to “The XL Carnival of Mathematics”

  1. Mike Croucher Says:


    A couple of submissions for the upcoming carnival – feel free to include or not depending on how they fit in

    Thanks for hosting it 🙂

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