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I was looking up math in the news today, and ran across a new blog/column on the Washington Post:  X=Why? Michael Alison Chandler is going back to high school at the age of 32 to take an Algebra II class and give her perspective.  She’s only posted one entry so far, but I’m curious about what her experiences will be, and if she’ll come away feeling any differently about mathematics.

At the end of that article she invites people to submit their best and worst word problems so I was searching around, and I came across a wedding message board in which a couple had decided to put word problems on everyone’s seating cards at the reception.  Guests would then have to solve the problems to figure out where to sit.

R and A have planned to depart Vancouver at 4:00 PM on Friday, September 12 to complete their honeymoon. Vancouver’s sunrise is 3 hours later than Boston’s. Their jet, which is carrying 132 passengers, travels at an average airspeed of 568 mph with an average tailwind of 32 mph. If Rob and Ashima’s plane arrives in Boston at 6:40 AM, how many thousands of miles apart are Calgary and Boston?

I totally wish I’d been invited to this wedding.



4 Responses to “Math Miscellany”

  1. mbork Says:

    Wow! That is definitely cool & geeky!

    This reminds me of two my friends of mine who sent the information about their wedding on a very nice paper – and in two formats: a “normal” one on the right and LaTeX source on the left… And their wedding rings have the shape of Möbius strip! (Well, in fact it’s a bit cheating – the inside is orientable, otherwise it would be extremely uncomfortable to wear, and only the outside _looks_ like a M. strip – but still, this is cool!)

  2. Jonathan Says:

    Is “Calgary” a typo for “Vancouver”? Otherwise, I’m stumped, (and why get married in Canada anyway?)

  3. Ξ Says:

    There’s no mention of a typo, although it must be since that gives a whole number answer (geographically incorrect, but still a whole number). Some people did suggest putting the answer on the back of the card.

    Maybe one of the people was from Canada?

  4. A complicated proposal « 360 Says:

    […] can only imagine what their seating chart will […]

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