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Fancy Fields

October 2, 2008

Michael, over at God Plays Dice, posted a neat article yesterday about the geometry in Baseball fields and the history of mowing the grass in interesting patterns (like these stripes at Petco Park):

There’s a lot more detail in the New York Times article, “Groundskeepers Display Artistry on the Diamond”.

I was immediately reminded of Crop Circles. There’s a bunch of geometry there, too, though it’s more about circles than stripes. Like this one:

Or this one:

Or this little guy (by Perfectblue97) which looks simpler but might have been just as hard to make:

There are some more designs at CoolMath4Kids, and more about how to physically make the circles on WikiHow. But if what you want is a step by step description of particular designs, your best bet is to head over to Zef Damen’s page, which has lots and lots of designs (updated frequently, too!). I think I’m totally going to assign this as a creative assignment in Geometry when we’re using a straightedge and compass.

All of which is to say that groundskeepers aren’t the only ones who get to make neat designs.