A New Approach to Science?


Once again we turn to the writers at Robot Chicken to illuminate math and physics (also here if YouTube takes it down):

I’m E – what up,
And I’m MC Squared.
We came to rhyme
And we came prepared.
Yo, I like this beat that ya givin’ me,
Now tell me the theory of relativity.
E stands for energy sucka fools-
It’s not measured in watts bitch, it’s measured in joules.
Listen up class, the m is for mass,
And if you don’t like it you can kiss my ass!
C stands for speed of light in a vacuum,
So back up hoes, and give us some room.
An invariant mass requires rest energy without a hitch,
Which means Newton’s second law as it appears in a nonrelativistic classical mechanics sitch, BIATCH!
Einstein, motherf*****!

Yo, we also got one about algebra.
Yeah, a squared times b squared equals DEEZ NUTS, bitch!

One Response to “A New Approach to Science?”

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    […] the inspiration for this Halloween costume post was seeing Batman’s implication that we should teach science using rap, wondering what the sixties version of that might have been, and then remembering that I myself had […]

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