Extra Dimensions: Work or Play?


hypercubeWhat would you do with an extra dimension?

There are clearly some benefits to having one and being able to really use it. For example, if you were late, even VERY late, you could call Time Travel Taxi. Or if you like to knit, you could create a nine-dimensional hypercardigan.

But that extra dimension might not be all fun and games. According to The Onion (creator of such articles as Rotation Of Earth Plunges Entire North American Continent Into Darkness with the opening lines, “Millions of eyewitnesses watched in stunned horror Tuesday as light emptied from the sky, plunging the U.S. and neighboring countries into darkness. As the hours progressed, conditions only worsened.” *), it might just provide an excuse for extra work.

According to their recent article Struggling Americans Forced To Work Extra-Dimensional 4th Shift,

The extra-dimensional shift, which occurs on a time axis at right angles to that of normal reality, allows American workers to supplement their incomes, while still maintaining the morning, afternoon, and overnight shifts they need in order to stave off bankruptcy.

Apparently the shift-work is remarkably similar to current jobs, and still not enough to make ends meet (plus that whole traveling in other dimensions toll, not to mention the extra aging). And there is apparently no end in sight:

An economic stimulus package from the other plane of existence is expected to provide some relief to those who work the extra-dimensional shift. However, most American workers remain skeptical that the plan will provide any real help, as it is slated to arrive just after it is spent.

* Pretty slick how I stuck a completely unrelated article in there, huh?  Smooth as a gravel road.


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