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Carnival of Mathematics #43, Warrior Style!

November 7, 2008

clown at the carnivalLots of good stuff here at the 43rd Carnival of Mathematics! It’s being hosted by The Number Warrior, who also hosted the 30th Carnival of Mathematics. There are quite a few puzzles to ponder in this Carnival, and computers, and quivers, and costs, and all sorts of other cool things.

Blog author Jason Dyer has plenty of other good entries on his blog (plus a neat article on ten different ways to write the equation of a line over at Invisible Math). In this one he talked about classroom setup on the first day and mentioned doing a little math in the news each day. This reminds me of a colleague who, after each test, would spend a little bit of time introducing students to different areas of math: möbius strips, clock arithmetic, etc. just to get students seeing how broad the area of Mathematics is.