Carnival of Mathematics #44


clown at the carnivalIt’s two months before the 44th president will be in the White House, but the 44th Carnival of Mathematics is already here!  It’s got everything from controversy and fraud to games and a request to include some good mathematics in the list of 1,000,000 good things!

This carnival is being hosted by Maxwell’s Demon, the blog of Edmund Harriss, who does both mathematics and art.    On his blog he has a neat post on rep-tiles here (which leads to fractal dragons, on which is based the crocheting project Here Be Dragons at Woolly Thoughts), and on his homepage he shows some of his artwork here and here, including the Octagonal Gasket (like Sierpinski’s Triangle, but with octagons)


and these wooden fractal puzzle pieces that can be put together in different ways


(Both are licensed under Creative Commons)



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