Holiday Shopping (to buy)


No lim sup for YOU!What to get the math folk on your holiday list? There are already a few suggestions on holiday lists (e.g. Walking Randomly has some great books listed), so we’ll just add to the fray.

Originally this was going to combine store-bought and homemade presents, but what with the hecticness (that’s a word, right?) of this time of year, the homemade math things are only partially made. Godzilla has grand plans to show a couple in the next day or so, but for today it’s a sample of What’s On The Internet.

You’re probably first wondering about ornaments. These could hang in your window, on a tree, or even be attached to some other lovely gift. There’s a 72 pages of math ornaments here from The Library of Math (e.g. a round ornament with HO3 on it). Cost: $7.49-$9.99. They appear to have roughly a million other objects (buttons, shirts, etc.) with the same kinds of mathy statements, and that’s a lot of browsing.

But if it doesn’t appeal? Perhaps you’d like to do some baking. In that case, of course, you’ll need some cookie cutters shaped like numbers ($23.95 for the whole set of digits) or like the symbol π (at $12.95).

Or a pie dish with the digits of pi. Cost: $24.95.

Or maybe you want an original shirt. Then this isn’t the one for you, because TwoPi already created the design from a public domain photo of Iwan Stranski and put it on CafePress so he could order himself a copy. But you can be one of only a few people who has a shirt or mug with the following image on it.

No lim sup for YOU!

Cost: $17.99 — $21.99, or $11.99 for the mug.

(Note: We find the whole money thing confusing, what with this being a group blog and all, so to make it simple we don’t get any profit from this. Which, sadly, doesn’t make the shirts actually free.)

(Another note: Since TwoPi originally uploaded this so he could order one for himself, he put our address on the back of some of the shirts.)

Coming up next: things a lot closer to free!

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