Hot off the Press! A History of Math resource


capitol_domeWe’re hanging out in Washington, DC right now at the Joint Mathematics Meetings, which is lots of fun because the weather is beautiful (no snow on the ground and Actual Sun peeking through!  Except for the sleet predicted for tomorrow, but I’m going to ignore that) and there are a bunch of good talks.

One I heard of today (by Sarah J. Greenwald, with Gregory Rhoads listed as a co-presentor) was of a brand-spanking-new web site, online as of yesterday, put together for people who want to incorporate some history of math into Multivariable Calculus or Differential Geometry.  The intent was to be a general resource of information, but also to have classroom activities.

The link is

So hey, be one of the first to visit!  And check back if you don’t see what you need, since the site is still in its early stages.

Note 1: I had wondered at first if this site would be like Convergence, but it’s geared towards a more specific topic so the two are complementary.

Note 2: When I saw Sarah J. Greenwald’s name, it was so familiar to me that I figured that I knew her from some math thing or other.  But then when I saw her I didn’t recognize her, and then I was too embarrassed to start a conversation with her even though she was really friendly because clearly I’d forgotten where I knew her from.  And then when I was looking up her name for this post to make sure I had spelled it right I discovered that the reason her name was so  familiar was that she’s the Simpson’s Math person (along with Andrew Nestler).  And she talked to David X. Cohen about Futurama Math in an interview that has been referenced on this blog.    So the mere fact that I knew her name so well that I thought we must be best buds is a testament to how delusional I am much I enjoy her work.

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