Temps fail the Intermediate Value Theorem


Rochester’s in the middle of a cold spell right now, with highs in the single digits.   And apparently sudden jumps in temperature.  Check out today’s paper:


On which day are they predicting that it will be 11°F  (or -12°C)?


4 Responses to “Temps fail the Intermediate Value Theorem”

  1. michael swart Says:

    Well… since they’re overnight lows, then Saturday morning.

    Temperature graphs usually look have a saw tooth pattern and that’s how it’s reported. So Friday it only gets up to 9, then Friday evening/Saturday morning it will go as low as -5, then Saturday afternoon up to 15 (passing 12 on the way). But Saturday evening/Sunday morning it won’t get nearly as cold as it did the previous morning.

  2. Ξ Says:

    Michael — you’re right, and I think it’s just a quirk that Saturday night’s low is higher than even the high temperature on Friday day.

    This kind of thing happened last winter too (when the coldest temperatures actually happened during the day, and it warmed up at night). Winter is just a quirky time weather-wise.

  3. michael swart Says:

    In my hometown (Waterloo Ontario) We’ve got an amazing weather station that gives as much stats as you could possibly want.
    Compare January 2008 and August 2008. August shows the sawtooth pattern, January does not. So I have to agree, winter is definitely quirky.

  4. Ξ Says:

    Michael — that’s funny! I think it’s that the sun has little to do with temperatures in the winter, but a lot to do with it in the summer (except for those nasty hot-humid nights, but even then the day is usually worse.)

    (Incidentally, there was a quirk with the wordpress approval: usually once we’ve approved a comment by a person, then further comments don’t need to be approved, so hopefully any further comments of yours or previous commenters will go right through!.)

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