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Dollars or Cents?

February 5, 2009

I saw this video today on Failblog.  It’s almost 3 minutes long, and has made the rounds — it’s from December 2006 —  but it’s still amusing to listen to the consumer trying repeatedly to explain that yes, there is a difference between $0.002 and 0.002¢, and to further explain to the manager that this was a matter of fact, not a matter of opinion.

(The Verizon consumer, George Vaccaro, had been quoted a rate of 0.002¢ per kilobyte while in Canada.  He’d used 35893 kilobytes, but was charged $71.79 instead of $0.7179.)

According to this Verizon page, they now quote it as “$0.002 per KB or $2.05 per MB” (which are not quite equivalent, but at least not off by two orders of magnitude).

You can read the full story here. Verizon officials did eventually admit that the rate of 0.002 cents/KB was incorrect, and his money was refunded.