Happy Pi Day!




4 Responses to “Happy Pi Day!”

  1. TwoPi Says:

    I know the traditional Pi Day celebration involves many yummy pies for dessert; apparently Ξ is suggesting the appropriate beverage is a magnum of champagne to accompany them?

  2. Michelle M. Says:

    I saw it was Pi day and headed on over to wish you a happy one : ).

    Nothing scary about Tom Selleck.

  3. The Carnival of Π « JD2718 Says:

    […] at 360 put up a happy Π day photo that I just don’t get. I think they are characters from a detective show (or was […]

  4. Ξ Says:

    Michelle — I think the 80s were inherently scary. As were the 70s, for that matter.

    Happy National Potato Chip day too! I just saw that on your other comment [I just got back from 3 days visiting some friends and their new baby, and was without the internet for the entire time. I think that’s a record for me.]

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