In Good Company


beach_smileWe were thrilled to learn that we were mentioned in an article about math blogs that Jenni and Jon Ingram wrote for the March 2009 issue of Mathematics Teaching, a journal of The Association of Teachers of Mathematics in the UK.  Most of the articles (like the evocatively named “It would be 19 if 10 was an odd number” or “Puppets Count”) are only available to members, but a few, including theirs, are open to all.

They also wrote about dy/dan, Let’s Play Math!, and MathNotations,  with descriptions both of the blogs and of some samples posts for each.

Thanks for putting us in such good company!

The Beach Photo was taken by Richard Marris during the Kioloa Flickrmeet, Kiola, New South Wales, Australia [creative commons license].

5 Responses to “In Good Company”

  1. Kate Says:

    Congratulations! That’s very cool. You deserve it.

  2. Ξ Says:

    Thanks Kate!

  3. Jackie Says:

    Very nice write up – and well deserved recognition!

  4. Dave Richeson Says:

    That’s great. It would be hard for me to single out my two favorite 360 blog posts. They’re always enjoyable and thought-provoking.

  5. Ξ Says:

    Thanks Jackie and Dave!

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