The Abel Prize in rhyme


gromovThere once was a math guy from Russia
Which is just to the east of East Prussia.
He proved many a theorem.
Geometers revere him.
The Abel Committee did gusha.

They said to Mikhail Gromov,
(Whose sweater in this picture looks mauve)
“You are so creative!
A mathematical native!
You’re analysis’s own Brett Favre!”*

His work (expanding thresholds
Of n-dimensional manifolds
And related measure)
Gave people such pleasure
That this year’s Abel Prize he holds.

* No doubt they were referring to Brett’s heyday in the 90s, and not to last season.

For a more interesting but less poetic summary of his life and work, check out the official summary.

The Creative Commons picture of Mikhail Gromov was taken in 2007 by Gert-Martin Greuel.

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