Phonetic Phun on a Phriday


Last August, Ξ and I were inspired by a post about the International Radiotelephony Spelling Alphabet at our favorite non-math blog, puntabulous, to create a satirical version, one that would be completely confusing and virtually useless.

We posted a preliminary version of this to the comments of that original post.  Since then, the list has evolved, with help from our fellow commentator friends at puntabulous, as well as help from Batman, NP, and several other of Ξ’s coworkers.  What follows is the fruit of that community effort.
Note:  As with the Official version, this is meant to be read aloud.

  • A is for aye
  • B is for bdellium
  • C is for czar
  • D is for djinni
  • E is for eye
  • F is for fyce  (??)
  • G is for gnu
  • H is for hour
  • I is for iajo
  • J is for jicama
  • K is for knight
  • L is for llama
  • M is for mnemonic
  • N is for night
  • O is for one
  • P is for philter
  • Q is for Quran
  • R is for roister    (say it fast)
  • S is for Sea
  • T is for tsar
  • U is for uighur
  • V is for vrouw
  • W is for why
  • X is for Xi
  • Y is for you
  • Z is for zwieback

2 Responses to “Phonetic Phun on a Phriday”

  1. Craig Says:

    Yes! I love it! Great work everyone!

  2. Ξ Says:

    I know other versions of this also had:

    X is for Xeno
    Z is for Zeno

    and I liked that pairing, too.

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