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Math Teachers at Play #4

April 4, 2009

balloonsIt’s been two weeks since the last Mathy carnival (oh Carnival of Mathematics, where aaaaaaarrrrrrrrrreeeeeeee you?), and on this snowy (seriously) April day nothing could be better than a nice long list of great blog posts.  And that’s exactly what there is at  Math Teachers at Play #4!    It’s being hosted over at Homeschool Bytes, a blog that shares a whole bunch of resources for homeschooling.  (Although they’re not limited to homeschooling, of course.  Our older kiddo is learning multiplication, and Timez Attack looks like a great way to  help him get the number facts at his fingertips.)

But back to the Carnival.  The carnival divided into different steps/levels, from counting money to the SATs [both the modern version and some questions that could have occurred if there were SATs in 1557], so there’s something for everyone.  Time to play!