Math Teachers at Play #4


balloonsIt’s been two weeks since the last Mathy carnival (oh Carnival of Mathematics, where aaaaaaarrrrrrrrrreeeeeeee you?), and on this snowy (seriously) April day nothing could be better than a nice long list of great blog posts.  And that’s exactly what there is at  Math Teachers at Play #4!    It’s being hosted over at Homeschool Bytes, a blog that shares a whole bunch of resources for homeschooling.  (Although they’re not limited to homeschooling, of course.  Our older kiddo is learning multiplication, and Timez Attack looks like a great way to  help him get the number facts at his fingertips.)

But back to the Carnival.  The carnival divided into different steps/levels, from counting money to the SATs [both the modern version and some questions that could have occurred if there were SATs in 1557], so there’s something for everyone.  Time to play!

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