Summer Jobs Puzzle


oregonsummer2008I’m in the mood for a puzzle.  There are about a million on the web, but I liked this one from  Puzzlers Paradise because it talked about summer and because there was a cool grid that you can fill online here.  [You click once in a square to X it out, twice to put in the Yeah-I-got-it! circle, and three times thrice to clear it.].  The same site has a whole bunch of these, and a lot more puzzles on their main page.

This summer, five friends each found a different job to earn money. As it happened, they all started their new jobs in the same week; each on a different day and each earning a different amount. Determine the type of job each got, the day of the week each started working, each friend’s mode of transportation to their new job, and how much per hour each friend was earning.

1. Chris didn’t have a newspaper route but he did use the bus. The boy who mowed lawns took the train to work.

2. The boy who used a bicycle started working on Friday. Joe didn’t get a job as a painter.

3. The five friends are represented, in no particular order, by the following: the boy who made $6.00 per hour, the boy who started work on Thursday, the boy who used a car to get to work, Chris, and the boy who mowed lawns.

4. Peter started work the day before the boy who worked as a cashier but two days after the boy who made $7.00 per hour. The boy who worked as a cashier made $0.50 per hour more than Greg made.

5. The boy who started work on Tuesday made $6.25 per hour. Rob didn’t start work on Monday. Peter made more per hour than the painter but less than the boy who used a car.

6. Rob walked to work. The person who started on Wednesday didn’t make $6.50 per hour. The golf caddy used a car to get to work.

Good Luck!

The photo of the beach has nothing to do with summer jobs, but it was taken during the summer [by TwoPi, in Oregon].

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