Faulty Unit Conversion


Language Log has a post up (via HeadsUp the blog) about a Fox News story that had some metric issues:

The tests involved head-on crashes between the fortwo and a 2009 Mercedes C Class, the Fit and a 2009 Honda Accord and the Yaris and the 2009 Toyota Camry. The tests were conducted at 40 miles per hour (17 kilometers per liter), representing a severe crash.

The comments are especially entertaining.

On a personal note, I have a 1999 Camry that does 23.4 km/l highway, 12.8 km/l city.

3 Responses to “Faulty Unit Conversion”

  1. Davis Says:

    I have a Fit and I wouldn’t expect it to survive a head-on like that

  2. jd2718 Says:

    Is the 99 Camry blue? It could be mine. Except that 23.4 is way too high (and has too many significant digits… major problem in translation)


  3. Batman Says:

    Sorry, it’s not blue. And I don’t really get 23 km/l – but I do drive 55 mph (and 55 mpG = 23 km/l).

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