Math Teachers at Play #6 [and bonus comics!]


Daffodils and TulipsHappy May Day!  And not only is it May Day, but it’s a Carnival Day!  Math Teachers at Play #6 is up over at I Want to Teach Forever, the blog of high school teacher Mr. D in Boston.   It’s a little shorter than previous ones, but no less valuable and a fine read on this Spring/Autumn day [depending on your hemisphere, of course].

On a completely unrelated note, recently I noticed people looking for the comic Nearing-Zero, which we posted on a year ago.  I did some exploring, and the comic has now changed its domain and is living here.

Speaking of comics, do any of you read Dinosaur Comics?  They have some math ones from time to time, so there’s a tangential relation to this blog, but this one last week, though not math-related, was one of my favorites.  (Click on the comic for an easier-to-read version.)

here is where i admit to spending the entire time writing this comic with all my kid icarus theme song remixes and covers playing on loop! nicolas ferranti, yours is my favourite.

2 Responses to “Math Teachers at Play #6 [and bonus comics!]”

  1. Davis Says:

    Reminds me when my son was young and they had a Maypole at his preschool. wondering if any teachers are doing that today

  2. Ξ Says:

    When I was young my sisters and I would deliver little homemade baskets of flowers to our neighbors [I think we rang the bell and ran away]. I don’t think May Day is celebrated as much anymore in the US [except in the Morris Dancing community!]

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