DragonFable Math


The 8½ year old in our household recently announced, “I have an idea for a blog post!  DragonFable Math!”   DragonFable is a role-playing game in which you “walk around, go on quests, and slaughter stuff.”  Young E insisted that there was math in it, however, explaining:

If you don’t look at the melee (aka damage) [the damage points that you’ve scored against your opponent] and just look at the hit points, you can figure out how much damage was sent.

A character’s hit points measure their ability to endure damage, and they decrease by the number of damage points in each fight.  When your hit points reach zero, you’re toast!

So what Young E was describing is the missing addend model for subtraction.  And actually, it turns out that there’s more than just that.  By Googling “DragonFable Math” painstaking research, I found several  DragonFable Game Formulae.  For example, there’s :

EXP To Next Level= (Your Level)*(Your Level)*(100)-(Current Experience)


Total Stats Possible At Any Given Level= 3*(Your Level-1)

complete with examples. Many of these are at a good level for upper elementary school, and sort of real-life (virtual life?).  Moreover, the formulas were derived by players,which to my mind suggests opportunities for even more interesting problems  of the what’s-the-pattern variety.

So credit to E, for showing me that there’s more to DragonFable than just dragons.

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