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Godzilla makes a hexaflexagon

May 13, 2009

When Godzilla isn’t trampling buildings, flipping pancakes, or making cookies, he likes to engage in the fiber arts.

G hexflex 1

So he decided to crochet a hexaflexagon.  This is a hexagon that seems flat, but can be twisted to show hidden sides.

Here’s the hexaflexagon that Godzilla made using a pattern from Woolly Thoughts (link updated 1/1/10). It initially looks like this:

G hexflex 2

but he can twist the inside…

G hexflex 3

and there is purple in the middle instead of blue sparkles!

G hexflex 4

Then he can twist it again…

G hexflex 5

And it’s orange in the middle!

And those aren’t the only colors.  If you look at the other side, there is this

and this

and, finally, this!

(Crocheting it can go pretty quickly, depending on how many meetings or TV shows are on your schedule; you can also make paper versions using patterns from here or here or, of course, here.)