Upcoming Carnival at The Math Less Traveled


The next Carnival of Mathematics #53 will by hosted by Brent Yorgey  at The Math Less Traveled.  He’s taking submissions through Friday at 8am (US Eastern Daylight Time) — there’s more information about how to submit here.

(Pausing to figure out if it’s Daylight time or regular time always reminds me of one of the more memorable times that  TwoPi and I drove from California to Tuscon visiting various relatives.  Initially we were on Highway 8, starting from Yuma.  But then at Gila Bend we saw that there was an alternate route to Tuscon.  And it looked like it was just about the same distance, if you forget to take into account speed limits and the fact that the southern route had lots of twists and turns.  Which we did.  Benoît Mandelbrot would have had a field day.

It was scenic, but it soon became clear that we’d be arriving in Tuscon late.  And that still seemed okay until we realized that even though Arizona is usually in the same time zone as California, that’s a consequence of Mountain Time Arizona NOT going on Daylight Savings, and since this occurred around Christmas neither state was on DST, and they were an hour apart.  Are you confused?  So were we, but the end result was that we were an hour later than even we realized, and that was the point at which we pulled over and called TwoPi’s brother.  In good news, he was nice about it because by then he was used to our meandering ways and knew we tended to go off track, as anyone still following this story can attest.)

3 Responses to “Upcoming Carnival at The Math Less Traveled”

  1. Sue Says:

    Is it going to be #53? The last one I could find was #51, so I thought it was going to be #52.

  2. Ξ Says:

    #52 was up here at The Number Warrior, on May 7, but I don’t think it’s been updated on the official sites.

  3. Sue Says:

    Thank you. I didn’t do a good job of searching…

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