WordPress does the math right


This is hardly worthy of a blog post (but, really, if I waited for stuff that was there would be like 3 posts a month), but it still really amused me.

WordPress lets you look at stats for individual posts, which is fun because you can see which posts were the most popular over time (Scoring March Madness by a landslide, thanks to Basketball Guy).  There’s also a column for the % change each week, so if 2 let’s say 200 people look at that particular post one week, and 3 300 people look at it the next week, the percentage increase is +50%, from (300-200)/200.  But what happens when you first post?  The previous week clearly no one looked at the post, so finding the percentage increase causes problems.  But not for WordPress!

The percentage increase (in this case of the views of Godzilla makes a hexaflexagon) is  .  That little attention to detail makes me happy.

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