Recent MTaP #15 and Upcoming Carnival of Math #57


The most recent Math Teachers at Play, #15, is up at the Homeschool Math Blog.  I got completely distracted by the first post about some math for kindergarteners, and several clicks later I was listening to binary music.  As usual the rest of the Carnival is full of great stuff as well.

Speaking of Carnivals, assuming I don’t lose track of the days we’re hosting the next Carnival of Mathematics here on Friday!  You can email submissions to [except replace that # with a @], ideally putting something like “Carnival” in the title, or post a link here or with the previous announcement.  And since I’m a procrastinator, I’d say you safely have through Thursday night to submit.

On an unrelated note, but just because it’s fun, here’s what a colleague wrote on the whiteboard of my office:


(I think it’s more fun to do by hand than on a calculator, but it’s neat however you find the answer.)

4 Responses to “Recent MTaP #15 and Upcoming Carnival of Math #57”

  1. Rick Regan Says:

    “and several clicks later I was listening to binary music.”

    You must be talking about my article! It’s a great tune.

  2. Ξ Says:

    I am, Rick! 🙂

  3. Dan M Says:

    Another little calculation in the same spirit involving 111 million, 111 thousand and 111: 13717421/111111111. 🙂

  4. Rick Regan Says:

    The answer to 13717421/111111111 is less mysterious when given as 123456789/999999999.

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