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An ode to Andreia Chaves

December 14, 2009

(To the tune of “The Christmas Shoes”. Sorry about that.)

It was almost exam time
Sum. Solve. Is this a prime?
Trying to find a good shape or two
Not really in a polygon mood
Then appeared right in front of me
As I surfed somewhat anxiously
The creativity that designers do
But these were mathematical
Artsy pairs of shoes

And these shoes weren’t worn or old
They had V+F=E+2 from heel to toe
Fit for show more than for play
And I couldn’t believe, but they made me say

Yes I wanna show these shoes
To my classes please
There’s origami
Which adds quite a bit of style

I’d better hurry now
My datebook says there’s not much time
You see, classes have met for quite a while
And I know these shoes will make them smile
Cuz those shapes look kind of beautiful
While everyone is studying tonight.

These shoes, designed by Andreia Chaves of São Paulo, Brazil, were featured on yatzer (found via cnet).    All photos are used with permission from the folk at yatzer (Thanks!)